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Summer Nights

Summer Nights

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Inspired by the rich harmonization of Jazz and Soul, Summer Nights offers a collection of 10 original compositions. This collection features vocals, flutes, sax, and many other instruments that were common in Jazz and Soul music. 

Each sample in Summer Nights has been meticulously crafted through analog gear using top-of-the-line microphones such as Royer R-121, Neumann U47, and Wunder CM7. These signals were then passed through additional analog gear including the MA5, Avalon 2055, BAE1073, 1176, VT-2 Vacuum Tube, and Fatso Jr, to achieve that warm, vintage sound that brings your music to life. 

All 10 compositions are provided in 24-bit .wav format, complete with stems and labeled with BPM for easy project management. These samples are compatible with all major DAWs, samplers, and iOS devices that accept .wav format.

With Summer Nights, you'll get professional-grade samples that are ready to use in your next music production project. The pack comes with hassle-free clearance, so you can focus on creating your best music. 

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