Tap into high-quality production to meet the demanding needs of music producers. Delve into our music library website, granting you seamless access to premium music loops crafted by our team of skilled musicians, accompanied by meticulously designed mixing presets that add character and depth to any sound.

The Process

Shaping Our Sounds

  • Composition

    The first step is creating a motif on either the piano or guitar. This initial idea sets the foundation for the entire composition, and the melody and harmony created in these early stages will inform every other element of the song.

    Once the basic framework is established, it's time to bring in session musicians to help flesh out the sound.

  • Sound Capture

    All instrumentation is meticulously crafted through analog gear, including a VOX AC30 amplifier, and captured using top-of-the-line microphones such as the Royer R-121, Neumann U47, and Wunder CM7.

    Strymon pedals were also used to enhance the samples, adding a layer of depth and dimension to the sounds, making each composition truly unique.

  • Sound Design

    The process of infusing tone and depth into the composition is achieved by utilizing a combination of carefully selected analog gear. We like to pass each sound through mic-pres and compressors including the MA5, Avalon 2055, BAE1073, 1176, VT-2 Vacuum Tube, and Fatso Jr, to achieve that warm, vintage sound that really brings the music to life.